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I am an envious person. I confess to you I am.


I am especially envious of people who can see things I can’t see. The decorator who can mix and match furnishings with paints and accessories. The restaurateur who can mix sound, light, and scents to create the most comfortable dining environment. The photographer who is able to guide the camera lens to see more than meets the eye.


I envy great designers. Great design thinkers. Great creators.


One such object of my envy is Cristian Cook. Cristian is the founder and CEO of Designwerk, an award-winning UK based creative agency. They have won everything from Emmys to Clios.


You can meet the object of my envy on August 18th in Whistler at sponsorshipX, where Cristian will be speaking. I met Cristian on March 20th for dinner in London and came away with a full dose of envious love. I can’t wait for you to meet him and here’s why.


First, and foremost, is because of the work Designwerk does. You need to spend some serious time on their website. To call them a creative agency would be unfair to their strategic thinking. To call them strategists would be unfair to their innovative approach. To call them inventors would be unfair to their entrepreneurial focus on results.


While they are all of these things, what they are not are self-promoters. I am confident that their humility comes from Cook himself. Despite a client roster that ranges from UEFA to the Laver Cup to The Open Championship, Cook serves up his company’s value proposition with a flavour of having to prove himself each and every day, on each and every project. Despite the fact he started the business in 2003, that everyday hustle approach is so refreshing.


Perhaps it is Cook’s worldliness from having lived for a substantial period of his life on two different continents and in several different countries. Perhaps it is the benefit of him finding great mentors in his career. Perhaps it is the fact that he is a man who when he sets his mind to something, he pursues it with a doggedness that is completely belied by his low-key approach.


Marketing circa 2018 is witnessing an unprecedented importance being placed on brand experiences. Whether those be transactional experiences, shopping experiences, marketing experiences, digital experiences, or referred experiences; their impact is driving brand consideration, brand adoption, and, ultimately, brand love.


No matter how smart or how strategic your brand experience plans are, the impact of strategic and innovative design will make or break them. An opportunity to connect with an award-winning talent like Cristian Cook will have a dramatic impact on you and your programs. I am so excited that Cristian has agreed to travel all the way from the UK to BC to share his wisdom at sponsorshipX.


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